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Investment Philosophy

Our disciplined investment philosophy is based upon academic research and efficient market theory which removes emotion, mitigates risk, captures global market returns, and drives the success of your wealth management plan. Our approach is to develop an understanding of your current financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance. This collaborative process leads to an investment portfolio that offers the greatest likelihood of achieving your objectives.

Capital Markets Build Wealth

Investors who take equity market risk are compensated by realizing a greater return than those offered by “safer” investments. Over time, stocks outperform bonds and have outpaced inflation by a wide margin. Accordingly, investors that require growth in their portfolios in order to achieve their desired lifestyle will generally need to allocate some of their investments to equities.

Structure Portfolio to Capture Market Returns

The most important determinant of your investment return is not the selection of specific securities, but the allocation among the various asset classes. We develop and maintain a specific portfolio allocation for your circumstances by focusing on (1) defining and incorporating an appropriate level of risk within your investments and (2) capturing as much of the market return as possible given your risk tolerance. This allows our clients to spend their leisure time pursuing their interests, rather than trying to predict or react to every market fluctuation.

Remove Emotion from the Investment Process

Most investors underperform the market because they let their emotions control their investment decisions. As a result, they end up buying high and selling low. We help our clients stay the course when the markets go through turbulent periods. Our disciplined approach ensures that you will stay invested and enjoy the return the capital markets offer.

Diversify to Reduce Risk & Volatility

Our portfolios are diversified among multiple asset classes to reduce risk and volatility. The key to this process is to develop an appropriate allocation of your investment base and to combine multiple asset classes that are not strongly correlated to one another.

Minimize Investment Costs

In building our portfolios we strive to minimize your investment costs. We use only “no-load” mutual funds with low internal expenses, as well as low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). We also emphasize tax efficiency to increase your overall return.


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