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What is a Registered Investment Advisor?

A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), such as Davidson Capital, is a professional advisory firm that offers personalized financial advice to clients. RIA firms have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of their clients.

Why is it important Davidson Capital holds itself out as a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is a person or firm bound by a legal duty to act solely in another party's best interest. Davidson Capital owes this duty to all clients. We believe all clients deserve that trust and confidence when working with a financial advisor. A fiduciary duty is the strictest duty of care recognized by the U.S. legal system. Not every financial advisor accepts this fiduciary duty. Some brokers, for example, are held to the much lower standard of merely recommending an investment deemed suitable.

Who has custody of my money and how do I know it is secure?

Neither Davidson Capital nor any of our employees ever have possession or access to your money. Client assets are held at an independent custodian, generally TD Ameritrade Institutional, in an account registered in your name and social security number. TD Ameritrade is one of the nation's leading providers of custodial and trading services.

What does Davidson Capital charge?

Davidson Capital is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor. We do not receive commissions or payments from third parties on investment products we recommend. We consider such arrangement to be a conflict of interest. Our annual investment management fee is:

  • 1.0% on the first $1 million of assets under management
  • .75% on assets from $1 million to $2.5 million
  • .50% on assets over $2.5 million
  • .30% on assets over $10 million

Why should I look for the CPA designation and CFP® certification?

The Certified Public Accountant  (CPA) designation and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM or CFP® certification are recognized worldwide as critical tax, financial, and investment management credentials. Both must agree to abide by a code of ethics and standards of practice and professional conduct set forth by their governing bodies.

Who is a typical client of Davidson Capital?

Each Davidson Capital client is unique in profession, background, and stage of life. While there is no 'typical' client, our clients are successful, fulfilled people who either do not have the time to devote to their finances or who recognize the value of professional guidance.

How do I determine if Davidson Capital is the right fit for me? 

All prospective clients come in for a complimentary exploratory consultation. We discuss your financial situation as well as our firm's ability to help you. If you decide to proceed, we develop a financial plan that addresses all aspects of your personal finances designed to meet your goals and objectives.


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