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Plan Sponsor FAQ

What is an ERISA 3(38) advisor?

ERISA provides that a plan sponsor can significantly mitigate their liability by delegating the responsibility for selecting, monitoring and replacing investments to a 3(38) qualified advisor, such as Davidson Capital. Many brokerage firms, banks, and insurance companies do not take that level of fiduciary responsibility. If an advisor is taking that level of responsibility, it should be specifically documented in your advisory agreement.

What is the benefit of Davidson Capital being a Registered Investment Advisor to my plan?

Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s) are held to a fiduciary standard which provides the highest level of investor protection. As fiduciaries, everything we do will be in the best interest of the plan and plan participants.

How is Davidson Capital compensated?

We are a fee only advisor and our compensation structure is straightforward. We do not share revenue with mutual funds and do not receive commission from the investments in the plan.

How does Davidson Capital help with plan design?                    

We work closely with industry leading recordkeepers and third party administrators (TPAs) that have significant expertise in the area of plan design. We coordinate and participate in all plan design meetings.

Do Davidson Capital custody the assets of the plan?

No, we do not have custody of the assets. TD Ameritrade Trust acts as the custodian of plan assets.



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